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Welcome to the Home Page of the Rodewald Concert Society, promoter of all aspects of Chamber Music for Liverpool and Merseyside.

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Alfred Ropdewald


 28 January 1862 – 9 November 1903

Alfred E Rodewald was a Liverpool cotton merchant by profession but also a highly respected musician. He was the founder and conductor of the Liverpool Orchestral Society which became one of the leading orchestras in Britain. ‘Rodey ', as he was known, was born in Mossley Hill and, after his education at Charterhouse, returned to Liverpool to join, and later to head up, the family firm of cotton brokers. Rodewald was a very tall man with a dynamic personality and a great sense of humour . He was admired for his enthusiasm and energy in raising musical standards and knowledge in this City.

Rodewald was a friend of Hans Richter, the great Austrian conductor, who regarded him highly as a musician and conductor. He said of Rodewald: “He was an artist in living of the first order and a man of truly distinguished character. We shall scarcely see the like of him again”.

The orchestra and Rodewald himself were honoured in 1901 by the dedication to them by Edward Elgar of his Pomp and Circumstance March No 1, (the trio section of which became famous as ‘ Land of Hope and Glory'). Elgar called Rodewald ‘My Best Friend', and the composer often stayed with him in Liverpool, Saughall , and Betws -y-coed.

Elgar, Richter and all Liverpool were stunned when Rodewald died suddenly in 1903, aged only 41.

The Rodewald Concert Society (RCS) was formed in 1911 to help ensure that Rodewald would be remembered, - a man described as ‘the Apollo of our City', and ‘one with such a beautiful nature, so frank, so true, so inexpressively kind'.


St Georges Small Concert Hall

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